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The chickens were transported in tea baskets covered in chicken wire and the fish kept live in (well cleaned out) kerosene tins.

The bungalow needed a good clean out as it had been used as a "go-down" (store). Like all "chota bungalows" (assistants' bungalows) there was a verandah at the front running the length of the house with a lounge flanked by a bedroom either side backed by a bathroom. The executive team and board of directors for Taco Bell headquarters are part of the Yum! We did find the mailing address and phone number for the corporate office. The only information available on the Taco Bell official website is information on restaurants, menus and locations. This time last year, Cage and Thompson stumbled into Cowboy Christmas, and Cage came out the other side in full cowboy getup, including his own pair of chaps and a southern accent that took him a long while to shake. And on three of those nights—Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Mondays—Thompson has to arrive early for a preshow meet and greet.Cage was transformed to his soul that day, and now he wants Thompson to join him in league with the horsebreakers. His most fervent admirers pay an additional forty-nine dollars on top of their seventy-one-dollar tickets to chat with him in the theater's lobby, take pictures with him, and get his autograph.

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