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Venues can be adjusted to suit specific needs, and the environment will ensure that guests are completely immersed in this marine nirvana.Best for: all types of functions: cocktail parties, private dinners, weddings, conferences, board meetings, year-end parties, product launches and more. Our priority is to help smart, vibrant, South African men and women connect.It’s no wonder that both the Telegraph and The New York Times named Cape Town the best place in the world to visit in 2014.Capacity: it depends on the room you choose and the function type.The number of guests you can host here can be anywhere from 10 for a small party, to 800 if you decide to hire the entire aquarium for an extra-big cocktail party!

Dating here means you truly do get to experience fantastic dates with wonderful people – there’s just one problem. For busy urban professionals, meeting someone great is not as easy as it sounds.It Only Takes a Few Minutes of Your Time to Create an Account and Customize It.Afterwards, You'll Be Able to Browse the Personals, Connect with Other Users & Find Your Match. East to west, it is marked by a narrow coastal plain, the Great Dividing Range and the Murray Darling Plain.Its population is concentrated along the sea coast, principally around Sydney, the states capital.

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