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Dog people dating

Granted, he is huge and is a dog disguised as a horse, but he was in the car and the windows were halfway up.(Phoenix) –Pet Smart Charities, the nation’s leader in pet adoptions, and Match, the world’s largest dating website, have teamed up to reveal what pet-loving singles want when searching for a two-legged companion.

· Bark Off: 66 percent of men and women would not date someone who didn’t like pets.

Smith notes that, "It's one of the number one ways to meet people – bring a pet to a park.

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as someone who has always had purebred dogs; people who sell to pet stores & in the newspaper or from puppy mills (& yes many are the Amish) do NOT care if they are healthy or not. The oldest is 13 y & bloodwork in Oct was normal, no problems, he is going a little hard of hearing is all. ) Cause ya havent taught the kids to respect another living creature. off my soapbox Disposable pets...wouldn't it be nice if that could some day be abolished?

Puppy mill dogs live in horrid conditions & get no health care. Most living to at least 12 or so, some to 15 or 16. They love people, are good alert dogs & love to have a job, whether walking up by the lake, chasing a ball, going to a show, or herding sheep-- the old boy did the best when tested... This is a fairly rare breed, & not everyone should own "the dog with the human brain"- they are just WAAY to smart! Read some rescue site comments on how the dogs were misused by kids (& adults) & then were thrown away.. To me it's incomprehensible to consider a life as 'disposable'.

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