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Updating jtable

I created 3 JTables 2X2 each and all the tables are empty,.. How can i do that.i created Jtable as follows JTable Table; // i created 3 table varaibles Table One, Table Two, Table Three Default Table Model model; // i used the same model for all tables When i created a program with single JTable, i used to update withfollowing commandsmodel.insert Row(Integer.parse Int(iterno)-1, new Object[] );model.remove Row(Integer.parse Int(iterno)); Now i have one 'model' and 3 tables, how can i update all the threetables with single 'model'.

The relevant chunk of code is given below: public void refresh Share Board(ESBShare Board sb) } catch(SQLException ex) }Read, what you've written: In Hi.

The version numbers are given below, complete with build number.

To determine the version of your JDK software, use the following command: Bug Database - In most cases, the bug ID number in each description below is a link to the detailed bug report on the Bug Database (Bug Parade) web site.

Component UI.update(Component va:143) at javax.swing. JComponent.paint Component(JComponent.j ava:752) at javax.swing. JComponent.paint(JComponent.java:1029) at javax.swing. Repaint Manager.paint Dirty Regions(Repai nt Manager.java:713) at javax.swing.

Repaint Paint Dirty Regions(Re paint Manager.java:693) at javax.swing.

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content for that column appears resorted in the view). Keys being * simple characters / Strings and the values being random integers. Toggle sort the Value column ascending or descending * 2. You should see values change and resort in the Value column, but the keys remain stationary. Force a repaint by selecting a row, you should see row repaint with the up to date information * 5.