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Now, sometimes, fighting for a man who takes space is giving him exactly what he wants: more attention.

When men pull away because they want a woman to fight for them, they are immature and dysfunctional.

You're ready to live your life to your highest potential, be incredibly successful that finally, your parents salute you - though you're not depending on it anymore, to have the most fulfilled relationship of anyone you know, or to be happy and brilliant all day long, because ALL is available for you. I'm Silke Glaab, a Psychologist who helps people to have it All: success, fulfilling work and money - and romantic love, a great partnership, and family.

But right now, you’re stressed, lost and totally unhappy.

She also has an impressive program that even covers body language and voice – which I really d She’s also one of the few dating experts who has a personal life that backs up her advice.

She tells tales about her disastrous single life and how she turned things around and now follows her own advice to strengthen her 20 year marriage.

Silk is one of the most accomplished and international coaches ever to go through Rori Raye Relationship Coaching Training (RRRCT).

Her bag of Tools is huge, and her skills and style are warm, fun and powerful.

Maybe money is coming in, but never enough to invest in your dreams and future... Maybe you're feeling that you're not lovable to have a lasting and loving relationship.

I decided to sit and chat with him for a moment, and catch up.

He lowered the screen on his laptop, and eagerly told me all the things that had been going on in his life since we saw each other last.

She terms the concept Circular Dating and it’s something I recommend when men pull away.

It’s human nature to fight for a meaningful relationship.

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