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While drummers are notoriously overlooked in rock bands, people have always been fascinated with Barker's private life, making him one of—if not most—famous drummers today.

They were things I would always try not to talk about, or I could choose how much I’d go into it. Then there were times Gavin would laugh like a hyena and we'd just crack up. I would’ve never talked about any of this unless there was the task to write a book.Now, the musician is more revealing than ever before, thanks to his open-book of a memoir, is a guaranteed page-turner.Complex caught up with Barker to get more insight into his candid stories, dating history, and that Blink-182 drama./That why I’m on what I’m on cause I’m my mom./My mom i’m just like her.” There’s still a bit of finger-pointing, of course, but this may be Mr.Mathers’ best hip-hop approximation of standing up in the AA circle to say, “I’m Marshall, and I’m an addict.” More disturbing to most Americans than even “Drips,” a track off of , is “Insane,” a rhythmic account of his stepfather raping him.

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I always read memoirs and I’m like, "I wish books could make eye contact so I can know if the person’s lying." [ Melissa, my first wife, is still my great friend.