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It's always amazing to watch the Emmys and to see the various winners honored for their contributions to TV and film.This year, “Inside Amy Schumer” won the first ever Emmy awarded for variety sketch series.airs Jen Gilmore's final scenes next week as she bows out from the show after a year on screen.

Related: 25 Real Photos Of Women’s Breasts (NSFW)Ahead, we spoke to Schumer’s go-to makeup girl, Andréa Tiller, who breaks down how to achieve the smoky-eye look yourself along with her reaction to Amy’s shout-out.I didn't feel horrible about leaving at all, as it was the right time for me and the character."Jen couldn't have stayed on the show forever, because essentially what she's done is illegal, so she had to leave.A year is a good amount of time to be in a show like and Jen certainly went through a lot of turmoil in that year!But then she went on to thank the girl who gave her “this sort of a smokey eye” and pointed to her makeup-covered eyelids. Would Amy be where she is today if it weren't for this smokey eye? We should all take a moment to go thank the people in our lives who make us beautiful…Honestly this girl, whoever she is, deserves some sort medal or certificate for making Amy look so freaking flawless. like our hairdressers, our makeup artists, our cats and dogs…Congratulations Amy, you inspire us to look our best and rock that smokey eye like it's nobody's business.

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Outside of those whose job it is to pay attention to the visages of celebs (hi!

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