Ms access update query not updating records

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Ms access update query not updating records

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Yes, if you use a different name each time you will have to change the file name in the update query.

I have a access dbase with patient #, name, and a deceased date. Please help I just manually typed in over 200 deceased dates.

However, the entered data DOES appear in the table(s). I tried this code on the form's oncurrent method, but I get an run-time 3078 error when I first open my form - "Microsoft cannot find the input table or query." Also, I'm not sure how to prevent this query from running when I FIRST open the form for entering the first new record - I want it to update the first record only if I'm trying to then enter a second new record: Private Sub Form_Current() If Me. IMHO, you have a bigger issue in that you need to do this at all. that should be addresses not patch with a lot of VBA code which will make the system very prone to "breaking".I guess I'm not sure what you're asking - if you want to know why I'm doing capturing some data and udpating the record with other data, it's b/c I have to record point-in-time detail of dynamic data living in other tables.Check out the Microsoft Access archive and catch up on other Access tips.Help users increase productivity by automatically signing up for Tech Republic's free Microsoft Office Suite newsletter, featuring Word, Excel, and Access tips, delivered each Wednesday.

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Do you need to query your data by the last date modified?

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