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Polycom 301 updating initial configuration

Polycom has just released new SIP firmware version 3.1.2, and it can be found here.This release is identical to the SIP 3.1.2 release with the addition of software and configuration parameters applicable to the VVX 1500 phone.The update behavior of the VVX phones is very similar to that of Lync Phone Edition, yet is even more flexible.For LPE devices the update service is queried immediately after the initial registration and then again after a hard-coded period of time.About the Polycom 501If you're reading this to see how good certain phones are with Asterisk, let me tell you that the Polycom 501 has excellent features, but is a pain to configure and very tempermental.I've used Soyo phones (they're the worst all around), ip Dialog phones (they're only a little better) and Grandstream's GXP-2000.Use the external power supply that is included in the package. Enter it with the numpad and press the button which is under OK.

Soundpoint IP 301, 320, 321, 330, 331, 335, 430, 450, 501, 550, 560, 601, 650, 670, VVX101, VVX201, VVX300, VVX301, VVX310, VVX311, VVX400, VVX401, VVX410, VVX411, VVX500, VVX501, VVX600, VVX601, VVX1500 Soundstation 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 The "S/N:" field is your MAC address.

Following values for ring tones are supported since version 3.0.0 of the module : The Polycom Phone Support module 5.0.0 (or higher) and Polycom VVX300/310/400/410/500/600 resource version 5.1.0 (or higher) provides a convenient graphical way to allow a user to change his intentional status.

To activate this feature, the administrator should change the following settings in the resource: Additionally, the user can also use this interface to manage his call forwarding.

At time of this writing, Grandstream GXP-2000's are around 5, and Polycom 501's are around 0.

The Polycom 501's do have more and easier-to-get-to functionality than the GXP-2000's, and have a more professional look and feel (and a great speakerphone), but the most notable downsides of the 501 are its awful, obtuse and slow configuration interfaces.

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Although the 5.0.0 release added the ability to leverage the Device Update service it was not yet possible to actually leverage the feature until a new update was published.

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