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Wsus not updating status

If you review the IIS logs you may also see that the client IP addresses never attempt to post to the WSUS servers “reportingwebservice”.We saw the following in the so we know it was generating local reporting events: 2008-02-21 :9 Report REPORT EVENT: 2008-02-21 :989-0500 1 162 101 100 0 Automatic Updates Success Content Download Download succeeded. 2008 at AM: – Definition Update for Microsoft Forefront Client Security (Antimalware 1.27.6904.0)Note: These settings were added specifically for Config Mgr 2007 to reduce the number of reporting events sent back to the WSUS server.SCCM 2012 brought with it a number of enhancements intended to make the product more user-centric and more usable.In January of 2013, Microsoft finally released Service Pack 1 for System Center 2012.For more information on these properties see: Please enter a numeric option: Press ‘1’ to set the client reporting level to ‘ALL’.Press ‘2’ to set the client reporting level to ‘NONE’. 2008-02-21 :9 Report REPORT EVENT: 2008-02-21 :001-0500 1 188 102 0 0 Automatic Updates Success Content Install Installation Ready: The following updates are downloaded and ready for installation. This configuration sets a value within WSUS and then WSUS tells the Automatic Update agent on each client to configure reporting accordingly.This computer is currently scheduled to install these updates on ? In my case Config Mgr 2007 had already been uninstalled so we could not revert the setting back to “Create all WSUS reporting events” unless Config Mgr 2007 was reinstalled, however the above settings are exposed via a “clientreportinglevel” property of “IUpdate Server Configuration” so I wrote a tool to configure the various members of this property: All = Clients should send all reporting information to the server None = Clients should not report update status or activity reports to the server Status Only = Clients should send update status reports to the server, but not activity reports.

To download my WSUS_Reporting_Level tool visit Releases.aspx? ======== Keep in mind that the standard disclaimers apply (e.g. We countered this by disabling Windows Update through a registry change: This stopped Windows Update from running automatically if it loses policy.We have since added this to our New PC batch file that we run on all new PCs.The affected PC's are ones that have previously been working fine and are not new.There doesn't appear to be a logical reason on the face of it, but wondered if anyone had come across this?

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I should tell you that I inherited the desktop software update task so this is kinda new for me.

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