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Peter andre dating polly

We have to admit it – we're pretty obsessed with Peter Andre's ever-growing and completely adorable family.He and his wife, Emily Mac Donagh, have three-year-old Amelia and four-month-old Theo together, and he also has Princess, 9, and Junior, 11, with his ex-Katie Price."Pete and I were both crying when Theo had his operation. Emily, who is the publication's brand new columnist, also spoke about her difficult experiences with breastfeeding (that is linked to the condition): “The first few months were really hard for me.

Even his two blond sons, Oliver, five, and Louis, two, have modelled for The White Company, House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer.To be named in a divorce petition is madness, it was purely platonic on both sides and the text messages have been greatly over exaggerated.In April 2014, Woodward and Casey announced that they were having a baby together.over the first couple of months his weight plummeted, he was suffering with reflux and I had mastitis three times and I was really sick.” :( :( :( :( :( Six weeks on from his operation, Emily happily admits that things are getting a lot easier for little Theo. I think I almost had a nervous breakdown before." We're glad lil Theo is on the mend! column, Peter Andre said: "As you may or may not have heard, a man called Lee Clark has sold a story about me, saying that I’m behind the breakdown of his marriage to his wife, Pollyanna Woodward .

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''Jordan's hunky riding coach hoofs it,'' shouts another.