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Until currently, virtually all surgical techniques that have been proposed for its correction are based on the induction of pseudoaccommodation in the presbyopic eye, including multifocality.

However, the real restoration of accommodation is more complex, and it has been tried by the use of different, so called, “accommodative” pseudophakic intraocular lenses (AIOL).

The theory: this effect was also partially induced by the outward pressure of the vitreous and aqueous humor.

The Helmholtz theory assumes that stiffening of the aging crystalline lens makes it resistant to shape change, thus producing presbyopia.

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Presbyopia is the physiological degradation of accommodation and still remains as the last frontier of refractive surgery as its surgical management is perhaps the most innovative and challenging and is under constant renewal.

He finds that near vision with the lens is promising, offering an average of over 5 D of accommodation in the testing of sighted eyes. The pros and cons of multifocal and accomodating IOLs by Enette Ngoei Eye World Staff Writer Phakic IOL update: Current technology, new uses, advantages, and drawbacks by Matt Young Eye World Contributing Editor Could it be the IOL? Hayden Eye World Staff Writer Aspheric versus spheric by Matt Young Eye World Contributing Editor New lens seeks to solve problems of presbyopia-correcting IOLs by Frank Goes Jr., MD Debate continues: IOLs vs.

In some non-sighted eyes stimulated physiologically, results have been even better, indicating that even greater levels of accommodation are possible.

There's a new group of accommodative lenses waiting in the wings to impress practitioners with their ability to offer near and intermediate acuity in addition to typical distance.

"The fluid moves back and forth naturally through this pliable system." The channels in the lens are completely translucent.

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