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Franse fatsex

So I created a photo project to show New Yorkers how sexy plus-size women can be — by presenting them with steamy, intimate scenarios featuring one sexy plus-size woman: me.The project was dedicated to tackling misconceptions around fat bodies and sex, like fat people only have sex with other fat people, plus-size women don't look good in lingerie, and the idea that fat is a derogatory word.

As with my last series on fat, with this column I’m not talking about whether or not being fat is healthy or a fun thing to do.

Dans une société où la sexualité est dans tout ce qui nous entoure, elle reste encore particulièrement assez peu abordée voir taboue lorsqu'il s'agit de personnes rondes.

Dans son dernier livre, Fat sex the naked truth ( lien : , Rebecca Weinstein lève le voile sur la sexualité des personnes en surpoids.

As much as it's a cliché, I believe that my confidence is truly the thing that drives my sexiness.

I happen to love the way my stomach looks in a two-piece bathing suit and how strong my legs are, but that doesn't mean it doesn't take constant work to mentally accept my body (as I'm sure is the case with women of any size, unfortunately). When I recount my dating history, I realize that all kinds of people are attracted to my confidence, as well as my refusal to be negative about body size.

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It draws on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, bringing together work from the UK, US, Europe, and Australia to offer a wide-ranging examination of the issues of size, sex, and sexuality.