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Now we have a love triangle where an aging queen latches on to the handsome prince purely for the purpose of cloaking her own emotional insecurities. She is conceived with such little agency that ultimately she becomes purely incidental to her own story. Unfortunately for Roberts, she’s reduced to playing camp in what feels like an overwrought school play, replete with cheesy sets, costumes, et al. Bowden looked very un-American Pie in a sleek pink dress that had “tulip” written all over it.

Until, of course, Cobie Smulders ditches her American husband and marries Ryan Gosling and they rule Canada and much of the Arctic for a thousand years, thus fulfilling Alanis Morissette’s ancient prophecy.

The film does nothing more than pay adequate service to the story of Snow White: we have a fair princess, a wicked queen, a handsome prince, and seven dwarves who for some reason have been cast as a band of merry thieves.

The ingredients are all there, but the result is decidedly less than savory. The main problem is that the film is too cheeky for its own good.

says they’ve been friends for years, which is true of all Canadians who live and work in the States. They go to Sunday suppers, talk about that year’s Gemini Awards, listen to Jann Arden records. Such a union would never work for Americans, but for Canadians?

But we do at least know one thing: , anyway, and they’re only wrong a modest amount of the time. Of course, “time is a flat circle” and “Yellow King” are references from the first, completely different season of the show, which Mc Adams and Kitsch weren’t on, but you get my point. The magazine also points out that, y’know, Mc Adams has a history of dating her co-stars, and quotes another inside source who says that Mc Adams dated Jake Gyllenhaal while filming the upcoming boxing drama . I mean, who else was she going to hook up with, Vince Vaughn? No, she and Kitsch are a perfect fit, mostly because they’re both Canadian. In the case of these two love birds, she may be from Toronto while he’s from the weird wilds of British Columbia, she the city girl and he the grizzled but beautiful mountain man, but it doesn’t matter.

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