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Who is david mccallum dating

Two of the most un-Hollywood people I know are ROBERT VAUGHN and DAVID MCCALLUM. E." and were very excited about starring in a new series. David told me, "I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on September 19, the second son of David Mc Callum, lead violinist of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and Dorothy Mc Callum, a cellist.

Neither David nor Robert are party going, starlet dating (David is married), premiere attending men. I first met Robert and David this past summer thanks to my editor, Lillian Smith, who "insisted" that I interview them. David Mc Callum came to the United States to follow his acting career after becoming established as one of England's most popular young film players. Believe it or not, my parents met in the orchestra pit of a theater where they once played for silent movies.

In recent years, Mc Callum has gained renewed international recognition and popularity for his role as NCIS medical examiner Dr.

and as interdimensional operative Steel in Sapphire & Steel.

When I spoke to Mc Callum, now 81, last week, he admitted he was a bit of a hit with male fans, too.

He left school at age 18 and was conscripted, joining the 3rd Battalion the Middlesex Regiment, which was seconded to the Royal West African Frontier Force. Affair", complete with "chapter titles", the word "affair" in the title, the phrase "Open Channel D", and similar scene transitions.

Early roles included a juvenile delinquent in Violent Playground (1957), an outlaw in Robbery Under Arms, (1957) and as junior RMS Titanic radio operator Harold Bride in A Night to Remember (1958). In an interview for a retrospective television special, David Mc Callum told of a visit to the White House during which, while he was being escorted to meet the U. president, a Secret Service agent told him, "You're the reason I got this job." Mc Callum never quite repeated the popular success he had gained as Kuryakin until NCIS, though he did become a familiar face on British television in such shows as Colditz (1972–74), Kidnapped (1978), and ITV's science-fiction series Sapphire & Steel (1979–82) opposite Joanna Lumley. Mc Callum appeared on stage in Australia in Run for Your Wife (1987–88), and the production toured the country.

His first American film was Freud: The Secret Passion (1962), directed by John Huston, which was shortly followed by a role in Peter Ustinov's Billy Budd. E., intended as a vehicle for Robert Vaughn, made Mc Callum into a sex symbol, his Beatle-style blond haircut providing a trendy contrast to Vaughn's clean cut appearance. In 1975 he played the title character in a short-lived U. Other members of the cast were Jack Smethurst, Eric Sykes and Katy Manning.

It might have sounded like standard crystal-ball flattery. has — as happens with so many lacklustre remakes of cherished classics — served only to remind us of the glories of the original. E (United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) was an enigmatic Russian, Illya Kuryakin, played by Mc Callum in a trademark black turtleneck jumper. 'I have met a number of gay men who said they were quite enamoured of Illya Kuryakin. Mc Callum went on to star in the BBC series Colditz, and with Joanna Lumley in the Eighties ITV sci-fi series Sapphire & Steel. The son of two classical musicians (his violinist father led the London Philharmonic), Glasgow-born Mc Callum chose acting over music, attending RADA in the same class as Joan Collins.

But decades later, his mother would remind him of this encounter as he was mobbed by screaming female fans from Tallahassee to Tokyo, swamped under the biggest fan mail any actor has received in the history of MGM Studios. The show, screened from 1964-68, drew half of America's television audience whenever it was on; in the UK, it was required viewing on BBC1 on Thursday afternoons. It was a wonderful irony that while Vaughn was an inveterate womaniser whose on-screen character always got the girl, it was the more reserved Mc Callum who became U. He still turns out as medical examiner 'Ducky' Mallard in U. He and his first wife, English actress Jill Ireland, moved to Hollywood with their three children in the early Sixties when he was cast as Judas Iscariot in The Greatest Story Ever Told.

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For her part, Ireland married Bronson in 1968 and died in 1990 after a six-year battle with breast cancer. At one point, they were receiving 70,000 fan letters a month — 30,000 more than were sent to the previous MGM record-holder, Clark Gable. Hoover sent terse replies saying the organisation didn't exist.