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The chat show host who is one of American television's highest-paid performers with an annual salary of more than m, explained he had found a package in his car three weeks ago from a person claiming to have information about his sexual affairs.

He said he was glad the audience was in a pleasant mood 'because I have a little story that I'd like to tell you and the home viewers as well.' 'This morning, I did something I've never done in my life,' Letterman told viewers. I felt menaced by this man.'Then, Letterman added, 'I had to tell them all the creepy things I had done.'Three weeks ago, Letterman said he got in his car early in the morning and found a package with a letter saying 'I know that you do some terrible, terrible things and that I can prove you do some terrible things.'Letterman added: “Sure enough, contained in the package was stuff to prove that I do terrible things.” Amid laughter, applause and exclamations from an increasingly stunned audience, Letterman continued: 'The creepy stuff was that I have had sex with women who work for me on this show.

If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time watching HGTV — and have done so for years!

The screen fills almost entirely with the bush, and then the view pans left from the bush to the cop, who is big and bald and has three upside-down blue V's -- sergeant stripes -- on the sleeve of his shirt. A green wheelbarrow leaning belly-exposed against a red wall.But they are little understood by the outside world.Most men do nothing more than sit, drink and chat — usually in English — with young women from all over the world.You may have wondered, at one time or another, what happened to your favorite HGTV hosts of yesterday. Amid the bright lights and the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, foreign hostess bars are a major part of Japan's nightlife.

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