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Eva marcille dating kevin mccall

On Mother’s Day Eva posted a super sweet photo of her daughter Marley Rae Mc Call being held by her new boo thang… and Kevin SNAPPED on IG by complaining that he has to try to find “safe spaces” to be with his child while a “stranger” gets to hold her. If we see each other at an event it’s always cool, we always say what’s up, I actually know Kev so it’s cool,” Lance revealed.Eva Marcille Pigford (born October 30, 1984), known professionally as Eva Marcille, is an African American actress, TV host and fashion model, who most recently played the role of Tyra Hamilton on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.Her middle name, Marcille, is an amalgam of "Marjorie" and "Lucille," her grandmothers' names.She attended Raymond Avenue Elementary School, Marina Del Rey Middle School, and Washington Preparatory High School (2002).

Kevin Mc Call is calling out his child’s mother, Eva Marcille, on social media.

The producer/singer claims that the model turned actress is not allowing him to see their daughter, Marley, but allows her to see Eva’s boyfriend Mike Sterling.

Eva posted the photo above of her daughter with Mike.

Kevin posted his response below, writing: What a lucky guy. (apparently this emoji is a threat in the court of law lol FOH man) Eva and Mike confirmed their relationship publicly, earlier this year.

After all my attempts to meet at the police station or anywhere “safe” so that I can just hold my OWN child the way this stranger gets to. News about her ‘relationship’ status was discovered on Instagram, a few months ago, when Mike posted Eva as his ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ with the caption, .

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